John Deere Equipment

   We love our great farm equipment. We are especially proud of our large John Deere tractors, tillage equipment and planters. With over 4,000 acres to plant, till, spray and harvest, using quality equipment is key to our successful operation. We view our equipment as the best equipment which will comfortably handle all of our beautiful fertile soil in Spring, Summer and Fall. 


Our fleet of Trucks, Trailers ect.

    We also have a fleet of Trucks and Semi trailers to move the potatoes out of the field after the harvest. We maintain them and keep them in great running condition for our employees. When the potatoes crop is finished we need our employees to take the potatoes out of the field back to the shop where they can be cleaned and ready for shipment all over the country.

Reliable Equipment that holds up...

Maintaining our equipment is the key to being able to effectively plant in the Spring, keep the crops growing throughout the Summer and a successful harvest in the Fall. At JCP farms we utilize equipment that are know for their reliability and we maintain the implements so that our workers can depend on it. We know that a successful operation relies on sturdy, well-maintained equipment.

Potatoe machine

Shop Processing Equipment

  Our shop and processing equipment are kept in optimal condition to insure that our employees have a safe work environment and that our potatoes reach our customers. Our customers can expect undamaged potatoes that our clean and meet our high standard of food quality.