Red Potatoes

    Red potatoes are known for their distinctive look and feel, the red potatoes has been the staple potato for over 50 years. The Red potatoes grow very well in the rich prairie soil that is tilled, planted and harvested around JCP farms. Red potatoes are enjoyed by nearly all Americans because of their smoothness, their red skin and delicious white flesh. Because of their vast popularity we sell many millions of delicious red potatoes.

Yellow Potato

Yellow Potatoes

   Yellow potatoes have a crispy skin and great texture whether you are frying or baking the spud. Yellow potatoes are the the perfect combination between the dry fluffy potatoes and the moister species. They are also excellent in soups taking on the flavor profile of the broth while maintaining the delicious potatoey texture. They are also a tasty option mashed, fried or baked. We offer these potatoes from the rich riverbed that makes the farmland around the Long Prairie area incredibly fertile and so desirable.

Russet Potatoes

     Russet Potatoes are known for their ruddy skin and soft flesh. These create the best potatoes for baking. Russets are most famous as French fries, as their texture is optimal for making America’s favorite side dish. At JCP farms we sell tens of thousands of these delicious spuds grown with great care and harvested with the latest equipment.  The potatoes are then cleaned in our new facility ready to be shipped to help feed America!



Every Autumn we offer Onions as a compliment to our retail potatoes crop. When you stop by to get your retail potatoes we have delicious onions that pair so well with our famous potatoes.